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St Alban (Died 251 or 304) was born in St Albans, England, during the time of the persecution of Christians by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. He was a Romano-British pagan but, impressed by the commitment and piety of a Christian Priest whom he hid from fellow soldiers, he converted to Christianity.

Image of St Alban

Ultimately, the soldiers discovered the Priest’s hideout and attempted to arrest the Priest. St Alban, however, tried to disguise himself as the Priest by wearing his robes but the disguise failed and both were arrested.

The enraged judge ordered St Alban to be lashed but after discovering that he was as defiant as ever and refused to offer sacrifice to the pagan gods, he ordered his execution. Miracles of a river drying up and a spring appearing on his way to the execution site were witnessed by a large crowd along the journey. He was martyred alongside the Priest and a soldier who, having witnessed the miracles, refused to execute St Alban.

St Alban was the first British Christian martyr. His Feast Day is the 22nd June. He is the Patron Saint of converts, refugees and torture victims.

St Alban:

Pray for us that we will remain faithful to Jesus’ Gospel teachings forever.

Glory be to the…