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Agnes of Bohemia

St Agnes (1211-1282) was born a Princess into a Royal family. She was expected to marry Royalty and at the age of 8yrs, she was engaged to Henry King of the Romans (son of Emperor Fredrick II – King of Sicily). Henry was, at the time, 10yrs old.

Image of St Agnes of Bohemia

Six years later her engagement was cancelled but Agnes remained a “valuable marriage pawn” to those in power. As family friendships and European politics changed, their plans for Agnes also changed but Agnes quickly grew tired of their revised “Royal” expectations. Instead, she decided to take control of her own future and opted for a life of charity and piety over a life of comfort and luxury.

St Agnes’ early pioneering action was to establish a hospital with the help of the Franciscan’s and Poor Clare’s. St Agnes later joined the Poor Clare’s and became an Abysses. She died, at the age of 70yrs, in her established hospital/monastery complex.

St Agnes was canonised in 1989 by Pope John Paul II. She is the Patron Saint of the Czech Republic.  Her Feast Day is 2nd March, the day of her death.

St Agnes:

Pray for us that we will help the poor in their time of need and struggle. 

Glory be to the…