Adrian of Canterbury, Abbot

According to the writings of St Bede the Venerable, St Adrian (or Hadrian) was born in North Africa, died on the 9th January in 710 and was appointed Abbot of a monastery near Naples, Italy.

Stain Glass Window image of St Adrian

Pope Vitalian offered him the position of Archbishop of Canterbury on two separate occasions but he declined, citing his unworthiness. When St Theodore of Tarsus, a friend whom he recommended, was appointed instead, St Adrian agreed to accompany him on his ministerial journey. Upon his arrival, St Theodore established him as Abbot of St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury.

St Adrian was a distinguished theologian, attracted many scholars and followers. As well as establishing the Abbey as a renowned Centre of Learning, St Adrian travelled throughout the country with St Theodore, cultivating the Christian faith everywhere they went.

St Adrian remained at St Augustine’s Abbey until his death, for 39 years. His Feast Day is the 9th of January.

St Adrian:

Pray for us that our faith will never die.

Glory be…

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