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Prayer is Love, I want to Love


St Adelaide (931 – 999) was born into royalty in Orbe, Switzerland – then part of France. Her father was Rudolf II of Burgundy. She married Lothair, the nominal King of Italy, when she was fifteen, in part to bring peace between her father and Lothair’s father. St Adelaide bore him a daughter but after three years of marriage, Lothair died, possibly poisoned.

Stain glass window image of St Adelaide

St Adelaide was imprisoned by Lothair’s successor for refusing to marry his son. However, she escaped and, following an appeal to Otto the Great of Germany, was rescued and later they married. St Adelaide bore a further four children.

When Otto died in 973, St Adelaide’s religious life became her entire focus. Although she didn’t join a Religious Order, she followed a similar lifestyle and founded many Monasteries and Churches. She died at a convent which she had retired to at Seltz.

St Adelaide’s Feast Day is the 16th December. She is the Patron Saint of Brides and abused victims.

St Adelaide:

Pray that we will see the goodness in everyone and help guide them to the promises of the Risen Jesus.

Glory be to the…