Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Doctor’s Prayer

Small Yellow Cross

Dear Lord, You are the greatest Healer,
All life and health comes from You
Without Your blessing and your grace,
There is nothing I can do.

I thank You for this noble role,
My service unto Thee.
Stand by me with my patients,
‘Til the work is done daily.

Give me knowledge, wisdom and skill
To do the tasks at hand,
Provide the best care needed
For each person’s best interest, stand.

Let me lend a helping hand
To those who cannot pay,
Bringing good health to all
Send them fit for homeward’s way.

Protect with your mighty Angels,
Those under my care.
When their need of me is greatest,
May I always be there.

When my zeal is at its lowest,
Tiredness meeting me at every turn,
May You then be my Healer,
Renewed joy and vigour earn.

All this I ask from You Lord,
That I may a good doctor be,
That in my life as a physician,
May they see You in me.

(Picture Prayer displayed in the Emergency Room of a hospital.)

… Lord Jesus, Be Merciful to Our Carers …