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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

The Question About Jesus’ Authority

Jesus’ Life: Chapter 13 – Jesus’ Final Ministry In Jerusalem

Have you ever been approached by an official demanding to know your name, where you come from and what you are doing in that place? They may have also asked, who gave you permission to be there or to see your authorization!

Most authority checks are well-intentioned, about maintaining the law and keeping the peace. However, sometimes people can overstep their duty!


When Jesus was teaching in the Temple Courts, a group of Chief Priests and Scribes approached Him and asked, “By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?” It was a trick question with devious intentions; they wanted to find fault with Jesus!

If Jesus answered from God, they could accuse him of blaspheming. If he answered from men, they could confront him for the names, presumably other Jewish Leaders. So Jesus said, “Where did John’s baptism come from? From heaven or from people?”

The Chief Priests and Scribes were afraid to answer Jesus in the presence of the listening crowd, their trick had failed! If they responded heaven, Jesus could then ask why they didn’t believe John’s the Baptist’s teaching and, if they said men, they were unsure how the crowd would react as the people believed John was a Prophet and John had already proclaimed Jesus was from God.

Instead, they sneerily answered, “We don’t know”. Jesus replied, “Neither will I tell you by what authority I am doing these things.”


Questioning others, to help our understanding of Jesus’ teaching is good. However, we must also be open-minded to change.


Lord Jesus, I pray that those seeking to find meaning in their life will open their hearts to your teachings, for it is there that they will find your love.

Prayer: Light (Gospel Extracts)

The light of God surrounds me,
the love of God enfolds me,
the power of God protects me,
the presence of God watches over me,
wherever I am, God is,
and where God is, all is perfect.