Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus On Serving Two Masters

Jesus’ Life: Chapter 5 – The Sermon On The Mount

Jesus said to his disciples, “No one can serve two masters!”

Definition of Master

So what did He mean? Was he talking about serving multiple people at the same time such as our parents, teachers and work managers?

No, Jesus was using the word symbolically to include our attitude towards material wealth.

Jesus was warning those whose greater love is for earthly goods or services, rather than their love for God. He was saying, you cannot be a servant of both God and money.


Have I allowed my desire for worldly wealth to hold greater importance than my love for God?


Lord Jesus, remove my selfishness. Help me to see more clearly, your eternal rewards.

Prayer: Joy (Mother Teresa)

I smile, and the world smiles with me.
I laugh, and the world laughs too.
I praise you, dear God, and the world breaks out in song.
For you are the source of my joy,
the wellspring of my love,
the key to my compassion.
Be with me today, tomorrow, and forever,
so that I may bring your joy to all I meet.