Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus Heals At Gennesaret

Jesus’ Life: Chapter 8 – Jesus’ Ministry In Galilee (Part 3)

It was the day after Jesus had miraculously fed five thousand people using just five loaves and two fish. The crowd knew that the disciples had left Tiberias the previous evening by boat for Capernaum but, without Jesus. Now they wanted to find him, perhaps to see more miracles, but where was he?

Sketch showing Jesus healing

Unable to find him and with few other options available, they also got into their boats and sailed to Gennesaret. There they found the disciples and to their amazement, Jesus was also with them but how did He get there!

The news of Jesus’ arrival spread throughout the surrounding region and people followed Him wherever He went, to villages, towns and the countryside. They brought their sick to wherever it was rumoured He would be, knowing that if they simply touched the edge of his cloak, they would be healed. (Matthew 14:34-36, Mark 6:53-56, Luke 6:22-25)


Sometimes we also seem unable to find Jesus but He is watching. He walks beside us, young and old, you and I!


Lord Jesus, grant me the grace of perseverance so that my love for you never wavers. Amen.

Prayer: Daily Prayer (St Francis)

Lord, help me to live this day, quietly, easily;
to lean on your great strength, trustfully, respectfully;
to wait for the unfolding of your will, patiently, serenely;
to meet others, peacefully, joyfully;
to face tomorrow, confidently, courageously.