Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Jesus Foretells His Passion

Jesus’ Life: Chapter 9 – The Way To The Cross

When you love someone and have promised your life to them, parting is heartbreaking.

Crucified Jesus by Blessed John Fiescole
Crucified Jesus by Bl. John Fiescole

Jesus told his disciples that he would suffer many things, be rejected by the Jewish leaders, killed but in three days rise again. Simon Peter, thinking as we might in friendship terms, took Jesus aside and rebuffed him, possibly suggesting that ways could be found to avoid such terrible suffering and death!

Jesus immediately said to Simon Peter:

“Get behind me, Satan.
You are thinking not as God does,
but as human beings do”.

Jesus’ powerful rebuke was further emphasised when He turned his back on Simon Peter as he spoke!

The disciples believed Jesus was the Son of God, now they had to understand that what would happen to Him, was God’s will. (Matthew 16:21-23, Mark 8:31-33, Luke 9:22)


Jesus bore great suffering for us.

When we are suffering and wondering, why me! Perhaps the answer is, it’s God’s will.


Lord Jesus, give me the strength and courage to proudly carry my small burden, knowing it is part of your plan.

Prayer: Renewal

Lord Jesus,
give us humility wherever pride reigns,
pardon wherever offence abides,
grace wherever sin abounds;
we pray to you;
Jesus Christ, risen Lord,
have mercy on us. Amen.