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Jesus Announces The Plentiful Harvest But Few Workers

Jesus’ Life: Chapter 6 – Jesus’ Ministry In Galilee (Part 2)

Harvest time is crucial to the livelihood of farmers. If their crops are not reaped and gathered when ripe, they will rot in the fields and become inedible. Yet, none of that matters if the crops have not been carefully tended to by workers during the year. Weeds need removing, fertiliser must be applied and pests destroyed. Only then will the farmer be confident that a good and healthy yield can be assured.

Field of Grain

Jesus once described the crowds that came to hear his Gospel as, “Bewildered and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” The people he described were like the farmer’s crops. Without workers to continue teaching and administering the sacraments to them, their faith withers and dies.

Today, the need for more Priests, Religious and teachers remain as important as ever. Improved world communication and technology, since Jesus’ time, has not diminished their farming/shepherding role. Jesus’ words still ring true today, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:35-38, Mark 6:6b, Luke 8:1)


All who strive to remain close to God, need workers; Priests and Religious. Pray for a worker today!


Lord Jesus, thank you for your gift of Priests and Religious; thank you for your love.

Prayer: Priests and Religious

St Paul, guide all priests and religious.
Help them realise that their actions
speak louder than any words.
Teach them to use their talents
to convey God’s message
but, to rely above all,
on the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Amen.