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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Your Kindness

Young girl hugging baby

I have been surrounded by kindness and help in these recent weeks. I am very grateful. I am now moving around the house and across to the church in a wheelchair, each day a little weaker. As I look back only three weeks to my Golden Jubilee weekend I am grateful I was able to manage so well then, knowing that I could not manage now. Movement is the problem and I am looking forward to this Friday 28th when I have the hip replacement.

Your kindness and help I shall always remember. It has made my daily life happy, praying for everyone, able to phone (hoping not to be a nuisance), seeing all that needs to be done in house, church and parish carried out so well. Thank you. Further, work is being done in the house and help will be needed to put it back in order.

I’ll be sitting in a wheelchair or resting at the hospital, feeling lazy but accepting there is nothing I can do except be grateful and pray. Over the years of being in the parish, I have been blessed by being able to turn in a number of directions to ask people who know and can or can arrange. So many blessings I have received from the kindness, skills and knowledge of the people of the parish. God has also helped a little but has left most of it to you.

All the sick in the parish are receiving Holy Communion from our Eucharistic Ministers who will also be taking services of Word and Communion until I can celebrate daily mass again. On Sundays, other priests will be coming – and are glad to!

I dare not say “Poor me” after reading about a notice (given me by Gail) on the door of Pope Francis’ room in Rome. It reads “Vietato lamentarsi” and goes on to say that instead of complaining people should take steps to improve their lives. The sign was recently given to the Pope by an Italian psychologist who warns that complaining and self-pity reduces our sense of humour and our ability to solve problems. Typical of Pope Francis to put it on his door for anyone to read in passing or who is coming to speak with him. He doesn’t want whingers!

God bless him and us all,

Fr John
(23rd July 2017)

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