Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love


Imagine that we meet and I say “Yesterday.” You smile and ask “Calendar or all yesterdays?” We smile. Of course, ‘yesterday’ has two meanings. Now “Tomorrow”, and the same smiles: “Calendar or many tomorrows?” One of us says “Now” and we understand: ‘Now’ holds everything, the love of yesterday and the love of tomorrow.

‘Now’ is eternity and we are invited into the eternity of our loving God. Jesus, every morning, went apart from the apostles to spend time with his Father. We imagine his asking blessing on the day to come, longing to bring love wherever he went but knowing there would be times when he couldn’t. In the evening he would go apart again and thank his Father for all that he had done and accepting the failures that anyone might face. Jesus offered the whole day, asked for good sleep, and looked forward to tomorrow and another day of loving service.

We pray like that. We long to bring love wherever we go but accept that sometimes we fail. We look back in the evening, grateful for all that was good and sad for what we couldn’t do. We offer God our day and ask for a good night’s sleep and blessing on the following day.

Jesus might have been caught up in ecstasy of prayer, as some saints have been; we might be caught up in the simple loving acts that belong to our way of life: holding someone’s hand, cooking a meal – filled with love, every action becomes wonderful. We can be like Jesus in the simplest ways.

God sees our hearts and we see each other’s hearts: the smallest act makes heaven on earth for those who give and receive. Our homes, our hearts, heaven on earth – the wonder and beauty of eternity within and around us.

Everything is complete when lived in the beautiful ‘Now’ of our God’s eternity. Thanksgiving is our full response to the wonder of being able to make heaven on earth.

God bless us to grow in understanding so that we may help everyone to understand and share the blessing of eternity.

Fr John

(13th November 2022)

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