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Women Deacons

 This coming Tuesday, 17th May, Tony Bolger is coming to speak to the parish about the possibilities of televising all that happens in our church and parish.

Every day people at home would be able to share the celebration of mass and relatives and friends around the world would be able to pray with us. Baptisms and weddings would go around the world, relatives unable to travel would share the love and faith of requiem mass and funeral services.

We would set regular times for morning and evening prayer, in church or Lourdes garden, or anywhere. We could share the joy of our pilgrimages to Rome, Assisi, Padua, Lourdes, Malta – all could be streamed back to be broadcast via our parish television service. Ecumenical services would be shared with the other churches – like today’s service at 4.00 pm, where we are the host church to welcome the Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists and Unitied Reformed brothers and sisters.

The possibilities are many. If you would like to be involved, to know more, please come to 10.00 am mass on Tuesday and afterwards meet Tony over refreshments in the parish hall . . . .

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Last Thursday Pope Francis announced he will create a commission to study the possibility of allowing women to serve as deacons in the Catholic Church. He said in the course of his conference with the world’s congregations of Catholic Women Religious “A woman looks at life with true eyes. We men cannot look at it so. The way of seeing problems, of seeing whatever thing, is totally … different than men. In consultations it is very important that women be there.”

I told you when I read ‘Catholic Women Speak’, that wonderful book produced before the Synod, that I was fascinated by reading truths I understood but expressed in a woman’s way – and truths that I had not recognised given to me in a woman’s way of thinking. I felt blessed. So, now, to hear Pope Francis speak of the Church’s needing the woman’s point of view in its mission. How good! We pray with him for new understanding in the Church.

God bless our parish and the Church,

Fr John

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