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Who Reigns?

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday, funeral of Muhammad Ali, opening of the European Football Championships, England v Sri Lanka at cricket, Cardinal Sarah’s latest statement (we can’t keep him out of the headlines), the EU Referendum debate driving on – our days and minds are full.

Are they? How much does our Queen Elizabeth and her family mean to you? Who cares about silly football or boring cricket or Cardinal Sarah (he is so much in the headlines), and the debate on the EU rumbles, roars, screeches on – but how many are truly listening and forming judgements? I feel sorry that when I vote I shall be voting the same as some of the unpleasant people I’ve heard talking.

Some people on TV last week did not know there was to be a referendum on 23rd June. Never heard of it. Do you know the dates of Queen’s real and official birthdays? Could you explain offside or going silly at mid-on? Are you positively Remain or Leave and do you think Cardinal Sarah is being groomed to be our first African pope?

Do you ever feel disappointed at how small our little worlds are? “Know nothing about it. Not interested.” Many teachers face such attitudes in schools and many parents watch sadly as their children switch off from family values and relationships. Politicians try desperately to engage in debate with each other and with the public – but how many people know more than a few headlines?

Yes No

The forecast is that 60% of our people will vote in the referendum. That means millions won’t bother. A general election has an average turnout of about 60%. Precious democracy thoughtlessly tossed to one side by uncaring uninterested people.

Our country, our world, our Church – tell me more, keep my mind open and enquiring, allow me to be involved in national politics, the United Nations, the life and different cultures of our universal Church. The referendum will probably return a vote 55%-45%. I wish it might be as high as 65%-35% to be a really convincing democratic result. I wish we could all be interested for each other’s sake in everything that happens. I try to be, but know I fail.

God bless us to celebrate our lovely Queen, mourn the folk-hero Muhammad Ali, be glad of sport, be interested in the Church’s mission and vote in the Referendum even though we dislike the arguments.

Fr John

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