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What Every Woman Wants in a Husband

Silhouette of man and woman

I chuckled as I read the title of the book in the small library: “What Every Woman Wants in a Husband.” I thought I would like to know. I wanted to understand a little of the woman’s way of looking at life. I know all women are different, as are all men, but I guess she would have insights and opinions that many women would agree with.

The book was fascinating. Not very long and it all came down to two words. Just two! She looked at friendship, romance and marriage. She wrote of conversations with friends, men and women, and of their experiences – joyful, disappointing, broken, healing – so much of which you would understand and have experienced yourself; and she slowly and convincingly formed her judgement.

What every woman wants in a husband is that he be strong and gentle: strong to look after and protect her and the family…strong and courageous when the need is there to face and come through difficulties…strong as a friend to the friends of the family.

But gentle. To hold her when she was hurt or upset, without need for words… to comfort and cuddle the children who knew his arms and his love were always open to them… gentle to forgive and understand when things had gone wrong.

How far do you agree with her? Then the further questions unfold: What does every man want in a wife? What do women and men look for in their friends, children in their parents and parents in their children, friends in each other?

What does God look for in you, from you?

What is your vocation? What paths does God want you to walk? On Vocations Sunday we pray.

God bless us,

Fr John
(22nd April 2018 – Vocations Sunday)

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