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Ukraine Invasion By Putin (Russia) (1)

Each time I saw the ambush of the Russian tanks I found myself rejoicing and then ashamed. How could I want to see anyone blown up, suffering, dying? Those Russian soldiers are boys, deceived by men in suits and medalled uniforms to fight and die for what is hateful – conquest of a free country. Then my anger turned where it should towards Putin who has become the monster every dictator becomes, a little man seeing himself as a great bear.

So I said a prayer for the boy soldiers and for their families who will receive the agonising news of the youngster’s death for the great cause of restoring a Russian idea; but those poor families will later know the truth that the boys died for a megalomaniac and his terrifying terrified henchmen.

Poor boys, families, Russia, Ukraine. We are with them all – Ukraine first, but not only: Ukraine to win their brave defensive war, repel the hateful and hated invaders, be supported by the whole world in love and admiration, suffering with them, completely with them. That’s how we are. I’m glad the tanks were blown up. I wish they all could be – but empty, not staffed by young soldiers turned into killers.

The Russians see the Ukraine as an area of land that their history tells them is theirs: we see Ukraine and a suffering people in an independent and free country. Alongside Putin we see a warped Russian Orthodox Patriarch claiming to speak for the people of God: we have had popes like him, political men dressed in fine robes. All religion that seeks and supports political power is corrupt and deservedly despised.

Religion without faith and love is a power bloc, nothing more, wanting to control its members’ lives and consciences. No wonder religion is despicable and despised, seen as powerful men masquerading; while the people weep for the children, women, men, abused and deceived, crucified by yet another Sanhedrin that condemned Jesus and anyone like him who dares speak truth to power. Religion without faith and love and mercy and healing is mortal sin.

Fr John

(13th March 2022)

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