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Here is a glimpse, again, of news from the Catholic press, especially from The Tablet . . .

1. A friend of mine is a recovering gambling addict who mentors young people with a similar problem. They are in ready supply, given television adverts that promote a potentially home-wrecking activity as a harmless bit of fun for those who can “bet responsibly”. The gambling industry works hard to shake off social disapproval, but its words are not always conducive to that. (John Morrish)

2. Medical professionals who refuse to take part in abortions are discriminated against, the British Medical Association has told a parliamentary enquiry . . . They are pressured into taking part in abortions and those who object struggle to progress in their careers . . . MPs received evidence from hundreds of individuals and institutions, including abortion providers, and concluded that medical professionals with a moral objection to abortion were victimised . . . “There is a culture of fear that makes conscientious objection very very difficult,” Dr Philip Howard (Chairman of the Joint Medical Ethics Committee of the Catholic Medical Association.)

3. Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Austria said last week that many people expect Muslim leaders openly to condemn Islamist terrorism, as at the moment terrorism has an Islamist face. “The terrorists are not Christians, ex-Christians or members of other religions. They claim to be Muslims. That is a huge problem for Islam which it must face . . .”

4. Hilary Clinton has selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate in the race for the White House. Thus the two vice-presidential candidates in this year’s elections will be Catholics. A large number of important politicians in the United States are Catholic, but there is no sign that the Catholic vote favours either Republican or Democrat parties.

5. The Tablet offers a fine review about a BBC Radio 4 broadcast ‘We Need to Talk about Stillbirth’ in which we are reminded that on average there are nine stillbirths each day in the United Kingdom. The sadness of the parents is heartbreaking.

We can be grateful to the press and all media for informing us in ways we could not find ourselves. (See also Bruce Kent’s letter over page).

God bless good people in the media

Fr John
(31st July 2016)

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