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Pax Christi Icon

I will explain the Pax Christi icon on the sanctuary at St Joseph’s.

Pax Christi Icon

At the centre are Esau and Jacob, the sons of Isaac and grandsons of Abraham, embracing after years of enmity. God is blessing them.

St Peter, forgiven, is top left and below him are Ss Boris and Greb – two brothers who died rather than allow conflict and war in their names – and then St Francis of Assisi (‘Make me a channel of your peace’). St Mary Magdalen, forgiven, is top right, then St Sophia (wisdom) and St Clare of Assisi.

In the lower half of the icon we see, centre, Jesus teaching his apostles to pray the ‘Our Father’ and four women feature in the smaller pictures: Sarah and baby Isaac, Hagar and baby Ishmael (Abraham was the father of both these babies who grew to be fathers of the Jews and Arabs – a longing for peace is strongly suggested). Then Jesus speaks to the woman at the well, who brings her Samaritan people to Jesus in reconciliation and to the Canaanite woman, foreign, whose daughter Jesus heals.

Forgiveness, reconciliation and peace are the themes of the icon – the ideals for which Pax Christi works. If you would like to become a member or learn more, please contact Pax Christi at St Joseph’s, Watford Way, London NW4 4TY or email [email protected].

God Bless Us,

Fr John

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