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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Our Easter Deeds

Our Holy Week and Easter are complete. We have shared in prayer and memory the sufferings of Jesus, his death and resurrection. We rejoice at the faith that allows us to look towards him in sorrow and joy – and to share God’s love as he did. Holy Week and Easter are complete when we share blessings with others.

Around the world the sufferings continue – the pandemic growing in numbers, particularly in the poorer parts of the world; the civil wars and hatreds that the news media bring us each day; the agonies of refugees fleeing their home or homeland to save their lives – and receiving little sympathy from so many, but great love from some. We share their sorrow and pray for them.

At the beginning of the pandemic the divided countries of the world seemed to co-operate in order to help each to come through: but selfishness, national and international, have become more visible as the months went by. Tensions in and between nations seem to be greater and the United Nations and the World Health Organisation, begging for understanding and peace, are no more listened to now than before the pandemic. We pray for good human sense to become love and to bring salvation to our world – political, social, tribal, religious, etc.

God gives us a world to share. This last year showed glimpses of greater generosity in that sharing – but also a greater selfishness in taking advantage of the weakness, helplessness, of others. We pray with those who long for freedom, justice, peace, end of conflict, love and security. We know what needs to be done, and how many good people have shown us that in their caring, healing, sharing, sacrifices. Day after day we have heard of inspiring family and neighbourly love.

In our parish family (and how wide that seems to have become now – local, national and even international) we have learned of the sorrows, sadness, insecurities of many. There has been generous and loving help where it could be given, and we ask that that generosity be always with us.

Easter and Christ’s risen life are a sign of eternal hope – but we must make it real by making it local and now. Christians may speak, and even intend, well – but it is our deeds that make us genuine. How might we help one another as we start to prepare our Church and society for after the pandemic in our country, whilst vividly aware of the continuing ravages of the pandemic in many other parts of the world.

We belong to one another and to God with Jesus: standing near the cross and believing in the resurrection.

God bless us to be good neighbours,

Fr John

(4th April 2021)

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