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Helping Others

I told you of the lady who complained that no one from the church had called to see her when she was unwell. The lady had retired from work a few years previously and I had asked her if she would like to visit the elderly and the housebound in the parish, but she didn’t. She wanted to enjoy her retirement, she said, and not be bothered with boring visits. Why should anyone want to visit you if you don’t want to be bothered visiting others, I thought, sadly? But that’s how it was.

Would you be glad to be involved if someone showed you the way? How about the Centre Project in town, looking for volunteers to work with vulnerable adults, young refugees, counselling, helping prepare meals, etc. The Centre has written to ask if our parish would befriend lonely people, help in arts and crafts, help teach music and poetry and English at a simple level. The Centre’s address is 1 Alfred Place, Leicester, telephone 0116 2554013 or email [email protected].

Albert Mosely asks for volunteers to help young refugees in their studies, particularly Maths, English, ICT and the Arts. The charity is called ‘After18’. If you are interested visit www.after18.org.

Perhaps the plight of the homeless has touched you. Thousands of people in our country are living on the street or in very poor housing. Open Hands is a local charity begun by a student at Leicester University who saw the plight of people in her adopted city and wanted to help. Would you like to?

Our own SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society) meets every two weeks to pray and discuss where they might visit in homes and nursing homes to ring comfort, friendliness and companionship. Places available . . . .

Heaven’s Road FM is a Catholic Radio Station broadcasting 24 hours each day. A new series, based on Pope Francis’ call for “A Church for the Poor” begins on 1st October and will cover work around the world for the Hungry, Homeless, Sick and Dying, Refugees, Slavery, those trapped in debt. The programme might inspire you – www.heavensroadfm.com/listen-now.

So much to be done. So many of us who might help.

God bless us,

Fr John
(17th September 2017)

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