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God Bless Us

Dear Fr Daley,

I am tired of your preaching against the clear word of the Bible. Last week was another example. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah teaches how God hates same-sex relations but you asked us to think the Bible was wrong and suggested modern sexual fashions are acceptable.

The Bible is the word of God. We ignore it at our peril. You should be helping people who do not know the Bible to understand its teachings. Instead, you encourage them in the prejudices.

I am a white heterosexual supremacist and make no apologies. I can justify myself my referring to the Bible. I believe in the death penalty, I consider slavery justifiable in its place in history and I believe the word of God can be carried by the sword when necessary and God’s enemies be defeated. Europe brought civilisation and true religion to the darker parts of the world and slavery was a small price to pay for the civilisation that empire brought to many. I can sympathise with Hitler’s doctrine of racial purity.

The Bible urges the people of God to keep themselves separate from other peoples in culture and religion. So did Hitler. He ended his major speeches asking God’s blessing on the German people and we understand why the Churches supported his leadership. American presidents end their great speeches “God bless America.” If only our Prime Ministers thought and spoke like that. The Russian Orthodox Church regards President Putin as a fine Christian man. Our media does not understand that view of him.

Please consider that people in the congregation are as well educated as you are, that we can read the Bible for ourselves and do not need your glosses.

We Europeans are a chosen race who brought religion to a fallen world. Look at all that we have achieved. What do woolly left-wing do-gooders bring? Chaos. Strong world government in the hands of the developed nations and guided by Biblical teachings is what we need. The word of God and strong Christian Government are the answers to the world’s problems.

What can I say except “God bless us”

Fr John

(4th August 2019)

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