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Finance – TV Service

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Finance in the diocese is controlled from the office in Nottingham. Each parish is allowed to hold up to £5,000 in its current account but all other money is held in the central fund. This is good sense. Parishes in need borrow from the diocese rather than from a bank and pay a lower rate of interest, whilst the parishes holding their reserves with the diocese are paid interest. Every parish knows that when it has need it may call upon the diocese from its own reserve and borrow if there are not sufficient funds.

As we look to setting up the TV service from St Joseph’s we analyse the costs. The full setting up – camera, cables, modem, etc. – costs £3,942 (inc.VAT). That sum will come from our parish reserve held by the diocese. The running costs will be covered by the parish from its weekly income. That cost is £220 per month (£51 per week, £7.30 per day).

If 51 of elderly and housebound watch the service regularly – mass each day, morning and evening prayer, etc. – we would be paying just £1 each per week for them to feel part of all that goes on in the parish. But many of our people will be glad to share the parish prayer and activities; and around the country, and the world, our families, friends, fellow Catholics and Christians would be united with us. We are looking at the options which will allow the people at home to “tune in”. There are various possibilities and the costs are very reasonable.

It seems a wonderful coming together for such a small weekly outlay. To do it for our elderly and sick at £1 each would be very worthwhile, but how many other benefits might come from our sharing this service?

A number of you have written or phoned or spoken to me. Thank you. We want everyone to feel involved.

God bless and guide us. Where are we going?

Fr John
PS Have you noticed the statue? More next week

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