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Democracy And Unity

Word Mix: Democracy

Brexit is almost resolved. I have enjoyed watching democracy at work. Since debating with myself before voting in the Referendum (good arguments on both sides) I have followed the discussions, the moves in Parliament, name-calling, mind-changing, the workings of democracy.

Best government is one clear-minded woman (or man) telling us what to do, how it should be. So neat. We call it dictatorship if we don’t like it and strong government if we do. One will be imposed – neat and settled, and my will if possible. Otherwise, everyone has a say and people disagree and things get messy and we don’t know where we are or where we’re going.

Democracy pretends we shall arrive at the best solution by giving everyone a voice. We don’t. We just make noise, have rows, are dissatisfied if we lose, triumphalist if we win. If my vote has the same value as Boris Johnson’s, how crooked is that? He knows far more about politics than I do. It is nonsense my vote should be equal to his.

If millions of people vote, knowing little about the issues, we have a result based on ignorance, not on knowledge and understanding. Is that true democracy? Democracy only works if people understand the issues and vote with knowledge, not prejudice.

Which is why parliament has been such a reflection of genuine democracy over these last few years. The members of parliament understand the issues better than we do, understand politics and its workings better than we do. We should trust their decisions, knowledgeable and involved and clear-thinking as they are (which is why we voted for them) and what do we find? They are/were as divided as the country is/was. No majority for anything, all talk, heat, anger, dislikes – true democracy at work.

We Christians have the answer? A loving God to guide all our moves and discussions and decisions. Move over Momentum, ERG, UKIP and move in leaders of the many Christian Churches. You show us what true unity is, how to listen to the voice of God, how to follow Christ. We shudder. They are as bad as the politicians, dividing Christianity, where Jesus prayed that we would be one in him. How interested are you in Christian unity, in social unity, in genuine democracy?

God bless us to be truly involved and not simply to criticise others.

Fr John

(20th Oct 2019)

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