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Could You Write A Book?

Book - no title!

Did you ever say “I could write a book”? Now is the time to do it. You have entertained other people with your stories time and again, now you can do it for yourself. All you need is paper and pen because the quiet and time are already yours.

Start at the beginning. Tell us who your parents were, how they met, their courtship and first years. That’s the first chapter done already, and you have revived memories of them for yourself. Precious memories, we hope. Turn them into prayer. Tell us about your sisters and brothers, friends at home and at school. There, chapters one and two written already. Have you enjoyed writing? Should be easy from now on.

Self-publishing is very reasonable. To have your book published will not cost more than £10. Just that one copy. Worth it? Of course. And if we want a copy we just log on and pay £10 (or less, depends on size of book) and it’s ours. You could become a parish bestseller. Look up Lulu.com on the web – he’s the one who will do it for you, or other self-publishers.

Or, maybe, you could write a short story of your family life. A hundred words. What we would most want to know about you?

Cardiff and Wales were home where relatives and friends had settled from Ireland. My wonderful father and mother met at school, he shy and she not even aware he liked her until they later met where they worked.

They made a happy marriage and home and had four children: Joan died just before birth – but was always remembered and loved; Helena and Frances married happily and brought loved and lovely grandchildren into the family; John became a priest and stayed close no matter how far away. After 56 golden years Tom died peacefully and Ellen a
few months later.

That’s my family story within 100 words. Will you share yours – 100 words maximum? Pray as you write in thanksgiving for the memories, forgiveness, understanding, trust, love – all that belongs to the richness of family life. Enjoy it, and shall we?

God bless us, families and friends,

Fr John

(20th April 2020)

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