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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Boys And Girls

Dear Girls and Boys,

You are living in the best time of history the world has ever known and you must help the grown-ups to understand. You know how you can talk and send messages to family and friends in any part of the world.

You will keep on learning in ways many grown-ups will not always understand but they will be happy for you. Be gentle with them and smile as they try and understand new ways, new technology. Some of them will want to tell you of “good old days” when they were younger. Let them tell you because people like to share happy memories. When they were young they did not know much about what was happening around the world so it did not disturb or worry them. You know more about climate change, earthquakes, refugees and migrants than they ever knew.

Nobody told them. Wicked people did not want them to think for themselves but only to think what they were told they could think. The people who told them were dictators. They were in governments and religions and willing to kill anyone who stood in their way, even saying it was good to kill.

But it is your world and you can change it. You can show us how to be friends with everyone around the world. Will you show us the way? You may already be the best young people the world has ever known, able to make friends everywhere. If people learn from you we shall have a beautiful world where people are kind, helpful, and no one feels left out.

When you have shown the way the young people who follow you will see you growing up to become older but still full of kindness and they can be the same – and so will the young people who follow them!

You can give the world a new start, show us how to like and love one another and to love and look after all Creation. I want to believe people will say “The girls and boys of 2023 gave a wonderful new start to our world. We shall always remember them.” Be like Jesus and help people to love one another as he did. That’s how we see you, being like Jesus.

God bless you,

Fr John

(28th May 2023)

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