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Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Black Jesus

Pax Christi (Peace of Christ) thank us for our support at St Joseph’s and St Paul’s schools. We have just ordered another 10,000 of the Black Jesus Window prayer cards in Birmingham, Alabama, with the message of reconciliation and love. People locally and from around the country are asking us to send them packs. Each pack of ten cards costs 50p and finances the next orders. The ten you give to people who would appreciate them may cause ten other families to want to do the same.

Our Catholic schools are on mission in ways parishes at present are not. The schools influence every Catholic home through our students – a dynamic illustration of what Catholic education can inspire. Fausta at Pax Christi tells me they are overwhelmed by our support and on their website have told their supporters of what we are doing. We laughed at the possibility that everyone in the country might eventually receive a card – from our quiet beginning at St Joseph’s and St Paul’s.

The mission of Jesus “love one another” is alive in our Catholic schools and they can inspire our parishes. We are one in Jesus in the blessing of God.

Fr John

(12th March 2023)

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