Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

The Disciples Sadness


Man with his head in his hands

When Jesus told the disciples that he was ascending to God the Father in heaven, they were “filled with sadness”. (John 16:6)


It must have been a daunting thought for the disciples, a life without their Teacher and the possibility that they may also suffer a gruesome death.

However, they knew Jesus would continue to care for them and they had faith in their own resurrection with eternal happiness.


Lord Jesus, let me not be overwhelmed by my daily difficulties but instead, to simply place my complete trust in you.

Prayer: Stillness of Soul (St John of the Cross)

O Blessed Jesus,
give me stillness of soul in You.
Let Your mighty calmness reign in me.
Rule me,
O King of Gentleness,
King of Peace.