Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Birth Of John The Baptist (1)


Announcement: "His name is John"

Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, didn’t believe the Angel Gabriel when she told him that his barren wife, Elizabeth, would give birth to a Son. So, from that moment, his ability to speak was taken from him.

When the baby was born and he was asked by what name the child would be called, he wrote on a tablet, “His name is John.” Immediately, his speech returned. (Luke 1:63)


It’s easy to forget the invisible power of our God. But we do so at our peril.


Lord Jesus, you restored hearing to the deaf, sight to the blind and healed numerous other illnesses. Open our hearts to the power of your glory, so that peace will enter our troubled world. Amen.

Prayer: Temptation (St Alphonsus)

Mary, my Mother,
your love for us could not be more greater or more powerful.
You are rich in love and your power brings us relief.
You want everyone to be saved.
I beg you, therefore, protect me in temptation and strengthen me when I weaken.
I struggle daily to be faithful to your Son.
Help me, my Mother, at every moment.
But above all, take me by the hand when you see that I am weakening and about to fall.
I will have to battle with temptation until the day I die.
My Lady, you are my hope, my refuge, my strength, never let me lose the grace of God.
In every temptation, I resolve to turn to you at once and pray; Mary, help me.