Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Sending Out The Twelve Apostles (3)


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As Jesus preached in the villages and towns he also taught his twelve Apostles his Gospel News. So, when he felt they were ready, He sent them out without Him to heal, remove unclean spirits and preach his Gospel. (Note: Apostle means, “one who is sent”.)

Jesus said to them, “Preach this message, The Kingdom of God is near”. (Matthew 10:7)


Teaching and learning never end; even if our role appears minor, we are all Apostles!

Every soul matters and every one of our small actions can have a big impact on those who see!


Lord Jesus, for the people who have their religious freedom, thank you, but for those who are persecuted for their faith, I pray that the persecutors will come to respect and value everyone’s basic human rights and their dignity.

Prayer: Mary

O Most Pure Heart of Mary,
you are full of goodness.

Show us your love.
Let the flame of your heart, O Mary,
descend on all people.

Mary, we love you.
Impress on our hearts, true love,
so that we may long for you.

O Mary, gentle and humble of heart,
remember us in our greatest needs. Amen.