Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Parable of the Yeast


Bread dough

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed with three measures of flour, until all the dough had risen”. (Matthew 13:33)


Yeast, a tiny little microorganism, when added to flour with water, ferments giving off a gas. The small gas bubbles transform the bread making it lighter, softer and much bigger i.e. the bread has risen.

Jesus was saying that the amazing effect of yeast on bread could be compared to the effect of his Gospel News on us and the world if, we accepted it!


Lord Jesus, open my heart to Your Word, guide me in my daily ways to live Your message and help me to share it with others.

Prayer: Lord My God (St Anselm of Canterbury)

O Lord my God.
Teach my heart this day,
where and how to find you.

You have made me and remade me,
and you have bestowed on me all the good things I possess,
and still, I do not know you.
I have not yet done that for which I was made.
Teach me to seek you,
for I cannot seek you unless you teach me,
or find you unless you show yourself to me.

Let me seek you in my desire;
let me desire you in my seeking.
Let me find you by loving you;
let me love you when I find you. Amen.