Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

Adultery And Sin


Many Hands - stacked

Jesus said, “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is better to lose one of your members than to have your whole body go into hell”. (Matthew 5:30)


“The saints are like the stars.

In his providence, Christ conceals them in a hidden place that they may not shine before others when they might wish to do so.

Yet they are always ready to exchange the quiet of contemplation for the works of mercy as soon as they perceive in their heart the invitation of Christ”. (St Anthony)


Lord Jesus, guide me away from all sin. Show me how to be a star that sees only your light.

Prayer: Priests and Religious (Cardinal Joseph Bernardin)

Lord of the harvest,
your Word finds a home in our heart,
calls us into community
and invites us to generous service of the human family.
Bless with courage and spirit your priestly people,
called to full participation in the one Body of Christ.
May many choose to respond in public service
to your call offered in Jesus’ name. Amen.