Daily Prayers

Prayer is Love, I want to Love

A Call To Discipleship


Gathering of Priests at an Ordination Ceremony

Jesus said, “If anyone wants to become my follower, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me”. (Luke 9:25)


This is how a child described to me what Jesus was saying:

She said, “He is telling them to put others before themselves, to do what God is calling them to do and give their life completely to Him; no ifs nor buts”.


Lord Jesus, empower me with the strength of your Holy Spirit and ignite in me an everlasting thirst to do your will. This I ask through the power of your Holy Spirit.

Prayer: An Invitation – Adapted Dietrich Bonhoeffer

O God, help me to fully accept your invite,
and concentrate only on you:

I cannot do this alone.
In me there is darkness but with you there is light.
I am lonely but you do not leave me.
I am feeble in heart but with you there is help.
I am restless but with you there is peace.
In me there is bitterness but with you there is patience.
I do not understand your ways but you know mine.
O God, restore me to liberty,
and enable me so to live now
that I may answer before you and before me.

Lord, whatever this day may bring,
may your name be praised forever.