Parable Of The Lamp – “He who has Ears to Hear, Let him Hear”

Jesus-365-1Story 120 – Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee – Part 2

Once, when Jesus was alone with his disciples He asked, “A lamp isn’t brought to be put under a basket or under the bed, is it? Isn’t it to be placed on a lampstand”?

CandleJesus was inviting his disciples to use their talents and gifts to spread his Gospel; He was reminding them that their gifts were a blessing from God and they were not to be hidden.

Likewise, what would we gain by lighting a lamp and then hiding it? We have also received gifts from God and He wants us to use them but, He leaves the choice to us!

Jesus reinforced God’s expectations by adding, “Take care about what you hear. The measure you use will be the measure you receive, and more will be added to you. For whoever has will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” 

In other words, the more liberally we share our talents, our gifts and the Word of God with others, the more God will give to us in return.

Don’t keep Jesus’ Word secret; spread it.


It’s often easier to identify other people’s talents than our own. But, everyone has received something special that they can share.


Almighty Father, thank you for your many gifts and blessings. Shine your light upon me so that I may use them to the full and help others in their life journey. I ask this through your Risen Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Cross-4RPrayer: Light

The light of God surrounds me,
the love of God enfolds me,
the power of God protects me,
the presence of God watches over me,
wherever I am, God is,
and where God is, all is perfect.

Private-MomentsPrivate Moments

Music Suggestion: O Come…

Listen and reflect… pause and talk.

29th July:

International Tiger Day

Humans have encroached on wildlife habitat in every continent. Wildlife population of large mammals such as tigers dwindles every year.

Pray that we can find ways to live together. Our Father…

CHAPTER 6: Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee – Part 2 (Story No. 34 of 34) (Matthew 5:15, Mark 4:21-25, Luke 8:16-18)