Mary Magdalene

6th June: Pope Francis canonised two new Saints. They are Elizabeth Hesselblad and Stanislaus Papczynski. Pope Francis said they were “exemplary witnesses to this mystery of resurrection”. St Elizabeth saved the lives of many Jewish families during World War II by hiding them in a convent in Rome where she was Superior. St Stanislaus was at one point a beggar but joined the Jesus of Mercy, set up hospitals and safe places for the poor and sick.

6th June: Pope Francis gave a gift of a mobility scooter to a disabled elderly couple outside Rome.

7th June: Pope Francis said, “As a loving mother, the Church loves all her children, but treats and protects with a very particular affection the smaller and helpless. This is a task that Christ entrusted to the entire Christian community as a whole. With this in mind, the Church is vigilant in protecting children and vulnerable adults,”

10th June: Pope Francis announced the upgrading of the Memorial of St Mary Magdalene to a Feast Day.

St Mary Magdalene is extensively mentioned in the New Testament, indeed, more often than many of the Apostles. However, she has sometimes been incorrectly presented as the repentant prostitute although, Jesus did heal her from demons or illness.

St Mary Magdalene probably took a leading role among the female followers of Jesus. She bravely stood by Him in his hours of suffering and need, while others went into hiding. She was present at many of his most crucial moments including his death on the Cross, burial and resurrection. St Mary Magdalene was the first to realise that Jesus had risen from the dead.