The Genealogy of Jesus

Jesus-365-1Chapter 2 – Jesus’ Birth And Childhood
Story No. 5 of 12 
(Mt 1:2-17, Lk 3:23-38)

It can be difficult to interest today’s generation in some Bible stories. Occasionally, they seem so far removed from their everyday life.

Likewise, in my younger years of study, I often thought, why did the writer include that storm! Jesus’ Genealogy was one such story but perhaps, the reason for my questioning was because I didn’t understand the message or the relevance.

As I grew a little older, my own family grandparents and ancestors became a personal interest to me; where they lived and worked, the type of life they endured, their children and all the famous people I could be related to or the “treasures” I might inherit!

AbrahamI now know that the Genealogy of Jesus was crucial
evidence. It was the fulfilment of God’s promise to the Prophet Abraham that the Messiah, our Saviour, would descend from him (Genesis 12:3; 22:18). Without such evidence, others could argue that Jesus was not the Messiah, the descendant of Abraham and David.

Today, we can proudly refer to Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of David; the evidence of Jesus’ family genealogy, going back hundreds of years, is well recorded in Matthew and Luke’s Gospel.


Is my heart fully open to the Word of God and all its messages?


Lord Jesus, thank you for the wisdom of our forefathers and sending your Son to save us. May we always listen and respond to your promises.

Cross-4RPrayer: Priests and Religious

St Paul,
guide all priests and religious.
Help them realise that their actions
speak louder than any words.
Teach them to use their talents
to convey God’s message
but, to rely above all,
on the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Private-MomentsPrivate Moments
Music Suggestion: Lord, I Offer My Life…

Listen and reflect… pause and talk.

16th January

On this day in 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia blasted off on its 28th mission. Sixteen days later, it disintegrated on re-entry through the earth’s atmosphere killing all seven crew.

Pray for all who go to work today, that they may return safely. Hail Mary…

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