Jesus Heals A Blind Man At Bethsaida

Bible Event – Jesus’ Life

When Jesus arrived at Bethsaida, people brought a blind man to Him.

Blind man using walking cane

Jesus took the man and led him outside the village, probably to avoid a crowd or the attention of the Pharisees. He then performed a two-stage healing.

Firstly, he rubbed spit on the man’s eyes and placed his hands over them. He then asked him, “Do you see anything”? The man, having partially regained his sight, replied, “I see people, but they look like trees walking”. Jesus then placed his hands on the man’s eyes again and when the man reopened them, his sight was fully restored. (Mark 8:22-26)


We do not know what our future holds but we know who holds it. Put your trust in Jesus’ hands.


Lord Jesus, fill me with your wisdom and love so that today, my only plan will be to meet you. Amen.

Prayer: Joy (St Mother Teresa)

I smile, and the world smiles with me.
I laugh, and the world laughs too.
I praise you, dear God, and the world breaks out in song.
For you are the source of my joy,
the wellspring of my love,
the key to my compassion.
Be with me today, tomorrow, and forever,
so that I may bring your joy to all I meet.


Hymn: Walk with me, O My Lord

Our History: Today in 715, Gregory II was elected Pope. Pray for all leaders within the Catholic Church that they remain faithful to Church teachings and support the Papacy. Glory be…

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