Questions About Jesus’ Identity


Clock at 5mins to 12

Jesus went to Judea and taught in the Temple area. He knew that some Jews were trying to arrest him but, “No one laid a hand on him because his hour had not yet come”. (John 7:30)


Jesus knew his future but he had much suffering to endure before dying!


Almighty Father, pour your blessings on us as we embark on our every new day. Help us to do your will and be ready to meet you at your chosen hour.

Prayer: Jesus My Heart (Adapted from D Hammarskjold)

Lord Jesus,
Give me a pure heart – that I may see you.
A humble heart – that I may hear you.
A heart of love – that I may serve you.
A heart of faith – that I may abide in you.

Private Moments

Hymn: I Am The Living Bread

Almighty Father, thank you for this new day. Bless me and keep me safe.

Lord Jesus Christ, guide me in my work, silence my fears and accept my achievements as a small gift of thanks to You.

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