Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit

Saint-TodayEnglish Martyr’s
(1534 – 1680)

The term English Martyr’s refers to a group of 42 Canonised Saints who were executed for practising their Catholic faith during the English Reformation between 1534 and 1680. However, many also remember on this day, the hundreds of other uncanonised  Catholics who were likewise executed for their continued practice of the Catholic faith.

Following the excommunication of Queen Elizabeth I from the Church by Pope Pius, the English introduced a law making it treasonable for anyone to follow the Catholic faith or harbour a Catholic Priest. The punishment for doing so was hanging, almost to the point of death, and then “drawn and quartered” – cutting the body into four pieces. The executions were generally a very public affair and body parts were often displayed as a deterrent to others.

The forty-two Saints are mainly Priests, Monks or Friars but include a few laymen and the notable women, Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line and Margaret Ward.


Before Jesus ascended to heaven he said to his disciples, “I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth”. (John 16:12-13a)


Jesus continues to offer us the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, through the sacraments. The choice is ours!


Lord Jesus, you are always faithful to your promises.
Grant me the grace to be patient and recognise your holy ways.

Cross-WhiteA Prayer – Holy Spirit

Most Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, I adore You.
Enlighten me, guide me, comfort me, console me.
I promise to submit myself to all You desire of me,
And permit all You wish to happen to me.
Give me Your help, tell me what to do.
Most Holy Spirit, bring peace to my world. Amen.

Private-MomentsPrivate Moments

Music Suggestion: Be Not Afraid

Listen, reflect, enjoy…

…and celebrate with Jesus.

All English Martyrs:

Flower-CrossTPray for us that we may forever publicly uphold the Catholic faith in all our words and works. 

Glory be to the…

Almighty God, thank you for this new day. Bless me and keep me safe.

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