Young People – Jubilee of Mercy

Pope Francis, speaking to young people during their three-day Jubilee of Mercy celebration, compared a good relationship with God to a strong Phone Signal saying, “Remember…when Jesus is not in our life, there is no signal!”

Pope Francis challenged the young to perform regular corporal Acts of Mercy, to see the face of Jesus in others. “As you know”, he said, “The works of mercy are simple gestures, which belong to the life of every day, allowing you to recognize the face of Jesus in many persons. Even young people like you, who hunger, who thirst; who are refugees, or foreigners, or sick, and seeking our help, our friendship.”

The Holy Father, on the issue of forgiveness said, “It can happen that, at times, in the family, at school, in the parish, at the gym, or in places of amusement, someone can do us wrong and we feel offended; or, in a moment of irritability, [we can offend others].”

Revenge, “is a worm which eats our soul and does not allow us to be happy.” “Let us not remain with resentment or the desire for revenge!” “Let us forgive! Let us forgive and forget the wrong done…in order that we may understand the teaching of Jesus and be his disciples, and be witnesses of mercy.”

The three-day Youth Event started with a pilgrimage to the Holy Door at St Peter’s Basilica and confessions in St Peter’s Square, with Pope Francis also hearing confessions. Afterwards he reflected, “This morning you transformed St. Peter’s Square into a great confessional, and then you went through the Holy Door.”

[23rd April 2016]

The Corporal Acts of Mercy are:

  1. To feed the hungry
  2. To give drink to the thirsty
  3. To clothe the naked
  4. To welcome the strangers
  5. To attend to the sick
  6. To visit the prisoners
  7. To attend to the dead